Language Grid Playground offers ready-to-use language services provided by the Language Grid. Hop, skip, and jump over the language barrier. Have fun!

About This Site

This is the "in Test" site. The official site is http://langrid.org/playground/.

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What's New

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Language Grid Playground updated.

  • Dictionary Creation is added.

Language Grid Playground updated.

  • Multilingual Chat is added.

Language Grid Playground updated.

  • Morphological Analyzer and Dependency Parser are added.

Language Grid Playground in Test updated.

  • Concept Dictionary and Multilingual Chat are added.

Language Grid Playground in Test updated.

  • Morphological Analyzer, Dependency Parser, and Document Translation are added.


Basic Service

Dictionary Dictionary service searches across multiple dictionaries. Concept Dictionary Concept dictionary service searches the concept and its related synonym sets across multiple concept dictionaries.
Pictogram Pictogram service searches pictograms using keywords. Parallel Text Parallel text service searches across multiple parallel texts.
Morphological Analyzer Morphological analyzer service provides morphological analyzers in eleven languages. Dependency Parser Dependency parser service provides syntactically parsed texts using dependency parsers.
Translator Translator service provides bilingual translation as well as one-to-many language translations.

Advanced Service

Dictionary creation service allows easy creation and sharing of user-created dictionaries. Composite
Composite translation service provides multihop, dictionary, and parallel text translations.
Document translation service translates documents while retaining the original document structure. Multilingual
Multilingual chat service can incorporate customized dictionaries to translate chat messages.

Customized Service

Fujimi Junior High School A customized Playground for Fujimi Junior High School offers a multilingual chat service utilizing user-created dictionaries. Kawasaki City CEC A customized Playground for Kawasaki City offers easy search and access to community-based parallel texts.
Minamiuji Jr. High School A customized Playground for Minamiuji Junior High School offers multilingual chat service utilizing user-created dictionaries.